Focus on our premium partner: Bishulim, the Israeli Institute of Culinary Arts.

Bishulim, the Israeli institute of Culinary Art, is a professional authority of culinary and patisserie studies, with many years of experience in teaching chefs and confectioners.

The material is taught by the highest ranking professional staff who share with their students their expertise and vast knowledge, gained over the course of years in leading schools, restaurants and patisseries around the globe.

The School's activities are divided into three departments of study: Cooking, Patisserie, and Advanced Studies.

The professional Cooking and Patisserie courses are designed to impart the skills and knowledge necessary to start a successful career in the restaurant business.

The courses for Advanced Education are designated for experienced chefs, pastry chefs, bakers and chocolatiers interested in enhancing their professional knowhow, and with keeping up to date with a wide range of topics.

Bishulim maintains ongoing contact with leading international schools, including Ferrandi, Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, Bellouet Conseil.

This exceptional connection allows the School to constantly stay up-to-date with innovations and trends in the culinary world and to offer a level of studies unparalleled in Israel.

In our "Culinary Giants" program, chefs and pastry chefs who mold global culinary arts worldwide, come to Israel. Participants are in direct contact with the greatest minds and are exposed to their professional outlooks and culinary vision.

Following is a partial list of the chefs who visited the Bishulim School over the past years: Christophe Michalak, Johan Martin, Bruce Mattel - CIA, Cristophe Adam, Philipe Rigollot, Guillaume Mabilleau, Yann Brys.

Due to the wide network of connections with leading restaurants and patisseries, as well as the great respect awarded Bishulim in Israel and abroad, graduates of the School integrate into leading positions in the field, with many of them heading their own restaurants and patisseries.